Music Degrees


Truman offers five music degrees:

  • BM (Bachelor of Music) in Performance or Composition
  • BA in Music, Pre-Certification, preparing students for our certifying Master of Arts in Education teaching degree
  • BA in Music with a Liberal Arts Concentration
  • BS in Music Therapy
  • BS in Music Business

In each of these degrees, you can choose to study voice as your primary applied music area. With the BM and BA Pre-Certification degrees, you receive a 50-minute voice lesson each week.

For more information: music study at Truman


Our master’s degrees offer great opportunities to develop performance, scholarship, and teaching skills. 

  • The Master of Arts (MA) degree is offered with focus on Choral Conducting and Vocal Performance (among other areas). To help support study in these areas, most students apply for a Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantship in which students gain valuable, hands-on experience in their area
  • The Master of Arts in Education (MAE) is the  degree in which Truman certifies students to teach. This degree coordinates with our BA in Music, Pre-Certification degree

Music Minors

The Music Department offers two music minors: 

  • Music Minor
  • Jazz Studies Minor
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