2021 Choral Ensemble Auditions

A vocal audition is required for Cantoria and Voci. These are intended to be friendly vocal placement auditions without undue stress! Students who have previously participated do not need to re-audition.

1) Auditions will take place during the first week of classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, August 23-25. You don’t have to be enrolled to audition–but you should check the course schedule to make sure you can sing in the choir.

2) Signup for an audition time on Google HERE 
Note: Please put your name in the description for the appointment

3) For the audition, you will sing a song—a folk song, art song, aria — no pop solos, please. If you need a song, America the Beautiful works nicely. If you have music for your song at home, you are encouraged to bring it. 

During this time, we will talk about your music background, sing warmup and vocalizes to check your range, and have you sing back melodies you hear on the piano (tonal memory). For those interested in Cantoria, a short sight-reading segment will also be included.

Before the audition, fill out a Choral Audition Form — print this or pick one up outside my office door, Ophelia Parrish 1368

Contact Dr. Mark Jennings for more information