2020 Choral Ensemble Auditions

Auditions are required for Cantoria and Voci. Auditions are not intended to be stressful,  so we consider an audition for any choir to be a placement audition to find the best fit for you.

For this fall, things will be a little different (understatement intended). 

For Cantoria and Voci auditions, you will sing a prepared solo song. Songs appropriate for HS contest are encouraged (art song, aria, or folk song), though students can perform a song such as “America the Beautiful” if necessary.

We prefer a live audition, where you will join a Zoom meeting with me, and then sing your song with your accompaniment playing. If possible, we will have you perform this way; if not, I can accept a recent video recording of your singing. 

Also through Zoom, I will have you sight read your part from a choral score, as well as sing tonal memory patterns and vocalizations to hear you in different parts of your range. 

Please print and fill out the linked Choral Audition Form

Contact Dr. Mark Jennings for more information